Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fate's Fault

I sit on this train of life
Moving too fast on the track
The blurred window to outside tells me,
Once gone there is no looking back.

I left my past far behind,
I sprinted onto that train.
But one thing held me hostage
Which never again could be the same.

How could I run far from it
Without actually letting go
My body was moving quickly away
But my heart was saying "no".

I was torn in two completely,
Into the impossible I was thrust.
How does one love to any measure
That which is in something I disgust.

I am tempted to throw the E brake,
To make my world come to a halt .
But it won't change what I left behind
I must leave it as fate's fault.

So I sit and watch the trees fly by,
I watch the world go on it's path.
I hold my breathe and leave it up to fate
With all it's beauty, pain, and wrath.

1 comment:

  1. Thinking of you, my daughter, with love in my heart.