Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sensitive Greens

Sensitive greens...

Holding tightly to the sounds of breathe
To the complexity that is unraveling before these greens 
Fluidity composed of such grace and poise
A phenomeneon I must connect to.
My unquenchable thirst

Beauty, who pinned that word
Overused like love 
Something so magnificent
Needs it's own dictionary. 
A new type of language, one much deeper
A style that resides with Greek goddesses in their glory
One that dwells with fairytales and magic
A tale of it's own 
Paradise perfection,
That is what I face 
This phenomeneon, you reside in solace
Blessed to see, to be a part
To allow my senses to absorb every second I can

What a wonderful life I live


Friday, March 12, 2010

Automatic Reaction

Why do I pretend 
When the spirits fade away
Nothing is left
I just want it to exist
I want it to be tangible 
To know I am human after all
Your lips are smeared with remnants of desire
Your touch my reminder of normalcy
Followed by headaches of confusion 
Wondering why even try
In the moment it was all I desired
In the moment it is all I despise
Tell me why I do this to myself
Ill forget in moments
Something I desire so strongly now
Leave me now 
In the haze
I will need you

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Battle of the White Flag

It’s coming back. The memories I suppressed.
Your gasp, your sigh, your giggle.
It’s haunting my dreams, my thoughts, my day, my week, my thoughts…
Are you in my head, am I going in sane.

Take me…
your eyes..
I need support…
your breathe…
You were my support…
your touch..

I’m exhausted fighting you out of my head, I will not, cannot, no white flag…
But I want to so badly, get out of my head, to surrender.
To breathe without struggle.
The battle of lust with you on the frontline.
How to separate without more pain is the battle of lust,
I’m fighting with my body… But my heart is gone, far gone.. It is in your hands.
Give it back, please…
Give it back…
So I can fight.

The battle of lust.
Touch where I walk. Bless my path. Wish me well. Gaze long and hard.
Think of me when you see that color. When I am in your dreams, treasure it.
When you think the wind brings you my voice, listen. When a star shoots across the sky, smile.
Put your hand on your heart when it beats too fast, it’s trying to match mine.
Kiss me long one last time. Squeeze tightly. Farewell forever.