Tuesday, November 17, 2009

my reason for existence....

If I didn't have something to fight against
Would I even exist
If I didn't need to make a point
What would be left to resist

My battle isn't within me
It is fighting for something much more
It is changing the path most follow
Forcing other's to question their war

It is pushing the limit to the max
Jumping the fence one last time
Making a move not usually seen
Solely craving to cross that line

It's a fight that may only end up hurting
All that I know to be true
But do I know myself through any other
Do I know how else one has grew?

So I push and I shove and I constantly fight
Regardless of what the outcome may be
This constant struggle that makes my heart thrive
Is the only way I know to be me


What is it that I am holding inside
I feel anxious
As life in its ocean surrounds me
My toe is barely in
I am missing out
The world is there, so close.
I want to experience it
I want to hold it
I want to feel it
I need to embrace everything it has
My bucket list is endless
And I am wasting time.

I talk about the world as if I've seen it
I dream nightly
of dancing in Uganda to the beat of drums
And surfing on the beaches of Brasil
Speaking to people in tongues unheard
Holding hands of those with colors I've not yet seen
Touching the mountains impossible to find...

I talk of things I have not seen
I wish upon words that seem so far away
When can I
Will when I
How can I
Will I ever be able to...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rythmic Souls

There is something about your soul
that speaks to mine.
I crave the chaos
but with you I find
The eye of the storm that never changes
with time.
And in that peace I wonder, in what life
did our stars align
Did ever the rhythm of your heartbeat
coincide with mine?
Because in this second I am beginning
to slowly... unwind.
It seems that at one time
together we shined.
Past, present, or future...
Baby I will never mind
This thirst you are quenching means you are
of another kind.

So touch.

Because there is something about your soul
that speaks to mine.