Tuesday, July 28, 2009

finding sanity

listen for the sound....

is my heartbeat slowly fading
now that i have hit the ground
is there a pulse radiating
now that my body has been found
are my pupils dialating
in this world that spins around

i am afraid i've lost myself,
listen for the sound


My heart is on my sleeve
This vulnerability killing me
Understanding isn't something I do well
Bravery hard to come by if you couldn't tell

Never knew how hard it could be
To let the whole world really see me
Opening a book in a thunderstorm
Without allowing a page to be torn

Afraid of effects when the cause is through
I tell myself to always be true
Holding my chin high when all else has failed
Persevering after the ship has sailed

I write this nonsense to remind myself
That my being doesn't belong in this wealth
My body my dreams my wish to survive
Is all this process of being alive