Monday, December 28, 2009

life threads

To unravel into pieces
A tapestry becoming so undone
Shattered glass just seems so unrepairable
Something perishable in the sun

Holding on fast to the core
Honest, pure, and true
Sharing bits and pieces of the threads
That is solely me through and through

Inflicting pain not intended
Just open for any to stop and stare
This is life, raw as ever
And it was my choice to share

To tear down what something is made of
Seems so disastrous at first glimpse
But the beauty in the breakdown
Is about truely finding what's within

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am in a weird place in life right now. I don't really like the term "weird", but I honestly have no idea how else to describe it. For those who do not know, I just got done with a bizarre/wack/very surreal reality tv show experience and still have yet to decide if the positives will outweigh the negatives. I am having a very hard time enrolling back into school because I for one have NO idea what I want to do with my life. My problem? I cannot commit to anything. Can there be a risk taking major anyone? See, that is something I would excel at. I can be impulsive, crazy, and adventurous. But I cannot for the life of me be organized, planned, committed. I can't pick a major. I can't settle on just one thing because of the fact that I want to do everything, and before my realist friends or parentals finally sink into my brain that thinks I can do everything, I am sitting pretty on Cloud Weird.

If I don't settle on one thing, just one, I will go crazy. I think clinically insane. AND, since it is pretty clear that me settling in a location, with a person, on a major, into college, etc, etc... isn't going to happen, I have settled on Maddie.

Maddie. A gorgeous five month old cocker-border collie mix. She is perfect for me. High in energy, ridiculously adventurous, and still at the end of the day, a cuddler.

So, expect a ton of status updates, blogs, twitpics, and you name it on my new commitment. My SOLE commitment. It is going to be one fun ride.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I wonder some days how I got here.
I wasn't always so fearless.
It is in my nature to force myself to be brave, to not hold back even when everything in me screams to.
I am not invincible or untouchable
and my body is breakable...
But I refuse to believe it
Even saying it now makes me cringe
For when I know in my heart nothing can stop me,
nothing can.
And that feeling of freedom
Of being invincible, even when I know I for damn sure am not,
I am convinced is why my heart continues to beat.
I crave to be scared so I can defeat it.
When my heart beats faster, I feel close to home.

Living is a thrill,
It is about time you joined the ride.