Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fate's Fault

I sit on this train of life
Moving too fast on the track
The blurred window to outside tells me,
Once gone there is no looking back.

I left my past far behind,
I sprinted onto that train.
But one thing held me hostage
Which never again could be the same.

How could I run far from it
Without actually letting go
My body was moving quickly away
But my heart was saying "no".

I was torn in two completely,
Into the impossible I was thrust.
How does one love to any measure
That which is in something I disgust.

I am tempted to throw the E brake,
To make my world come to a halt .
But it won't change what I left behind
I must leave it as fate's fault.

So I sit and watch the trees fly by,
I watch the world go on it's path.
I hold my breathe and leave it up to fate
With all it's beauty, pain, and wrath.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Jump.

I wasn't nervous, I was ready.
I needed this. I needed to live in the moment and become someone I had not met before.
I wanted to push myself.
Live so outside the box that some would say, she isn't going to make it.
There always is that chance, that one percent...
That don't land safely.

I live for them.

It makes the ground that much more inviting.
It makes the beat of my heart not a noise to be taken granted of.
Sweet, beautiful, wonderful life.
At my finger tips.

I knew when I looked down, this was what I was made for.
So I jumped.
I flew.
I felt the wind take over me.
I became complete in that free fall.

I didn't know how it would end, I just knew without a doubt,


No expectations,
No old sensations.
It was a brand new me.

This is my life.