Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sensitive Greens

Sensitive greens...

Holding tightly to the sounds of breathe
To the complexity that is unraveling before these greens 
Fluidity composed of such grace and poise
A phenomeneon I must connect to.
My unquenchable thirst

Beauty, who pinned that word
Overused like love 
Something so magnificent
Needs it's own dictionary. 
A new type of language, one much deeper
A style that resides with Greek goddesses in their glory
One that dwells with fairytales and magic
A tale of it's own 
Paradise perfection,
That is what I face 
This phenomeneon, you reside in solace
Blessed to see, to be a part
To allow my senses to absorb every second I can

What a wonderful life I live



  1. this is amazing. i love how you can describe and go in to detail about a simple yet beautiful topic!

  2. You've got some amazing talent :)

  3. I love you cousin. We are such soulmates. I love you!

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, there is a certain wonderment about this piece.

    The tip of my tounge craves to speak the words 'you are so beautiful' ...sadly it dosn't know a deeper sort of language.
    So, instead--> my soul. speaks.
    Whispering to the greens 'I feel you' in the hope you would want to connect.


    flakiz x

  5. breathe --> breath
    it's --> its ("it's" means "it is." "its" means "its.")
    you can delete this message. just trying to help; not trying to be mean by correcting.

  6. Mrs. Mulford has to be proud.

  7. I actually just wanted to say that I really admire you as a person. I'm very proud of you for coming out to your family, I know how difficult that is, especially when family is not supportive at all. I hope yours have come around somewhat!

    I recently told my extremely unsupportive parents and brother. I felt ready. It was time. I just wanted you to know that watching your experience sort of helped me through it a bit and made me more comfortable with my decision. Seeing that there are other women out there (like yourself) who have gone through this and are happier and stronger for it makes me feel proud to be part of this "family" and happy to know that there will always be people who understand and support me.

    Thanks for being you and sharing yourself with the world. Even though we don't know each other, you can now always know that you made at least 1 person feel stronger and prouder to be who they are!

  8. keep writing dammit. i miss it.

  9. This has nothing to do with your blog haha but my friends and i were wondering if you saw Laurel's youtube video that said she basically liked you.