Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wild at Heart

“A prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages…” Tennessee Williams

Cages of loneliness, depression, institutions… Cages that restrict a beautiful being from living. Some, or most, can pinpoint the cages in our lives, put there by others. But more importantly, what about the ones put by ourselves? What cage have I restricted myself with? What cage have we all restricted ourselves with?

It is easy to blame others for something negative we feel in ourselves; I am a certain way because of my past, naturally, but it is what we do with the “certain way we are” that shows character and strength. In many ways our past can become a cage… Until we can own up to ourselves and our flaws, regardless of origin, we will continue to be restricted and deprived of all the amazing things life has to offer.

I fear most that I will find something about myself that I cannot come to terms with. What if I am afraid to face something within? What is my cage?

"Wild at heart". I am more than that. I am wild at heart, at soul, at the bottom of my being. We all are meant to live fearless, cage-less lives.

Bar me up and see what happens, but if it is myself that created the cage, I feel that is when I have lost my heart, my soul, myself.

The damage is done when we are the ones who cage ourselves.


  1. Well said, Emily. Kudos.

    Tracy Pingel

  2. O my its emily on the internet

  3. I really like this.. you have a way with words and you're so right about the self-imposed cages.

  4. Your characterization of our pasts as cages fascinates me. You're right, we really do let old stuff get to us too often. I love your inquisition about your cage. Again, I'd have to say this rings true to me. Pasts are tricky.